The Pantheon of Heroes

Gathering of the Tide
Session One

Each player finds themselves next to one another, standing at the edge of a shoreline. To the east an endless horizon of grey sea stretches across north and south, to the west an equally vast desert plain lays before you.

Breaking the seemingly infinite reach of featureless terrain, a solitary structure stands against the horizon some ways out into the desert. The structure is a simple mound shaped pyramid, not 30 feet high, perhaps a few thousand feet from the shoreline.


Chooser of the Slain

A soft voice awakens you from the most restful sleep of your life. At first you don’t want to wake, but when you open your eyes you are greeted by a beautiful woman. She tells you her name is Veroandi and that the gentle repose of death is not the reward you shall receive. Instead she offers a kiss…

Veronandi tells you the eve of something horrible has begun. She explains there is a prophecy that describes the end of times brought on by the appearance of thirteen harbingers of the apocalypse. Each harbinger must be dealt with if the realm is a to have a chance to survive.

“Your first challenge is just beyond this door”, Veroandi explains as she extends a slender finger to the threshold behind her.“There lies friend and foe, if eternity is what you desire than lay back down and except your death, but if you value life and honor, choose instead to plunge into to the fray once more”.

And with her words she disappears, leaving you with not much of a choice.


Pantheon of Heroes

For years you have shed blood and gained power through the pursuit of your own motivations. You have achieved more over the course of your career than any of your rivals and contemporaries, forging a true reputation as a great hero. However, no mortal is ever truly clear from the indiscriminate blade of fate- some more so than others.

Spread across the world, each heroes finds himself on his final battle field, poised against the last challenge of their respective lives. And just as the breath of life is released from your mortal cage, some beautiful angel of battle descends upon your lifeless shell with the ultimate favor, resurrection. This rebirth is not a gift however, and the cost of such may be more than any one hero can bare.



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